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Bambu Flooring - Flooring Bamboo - Flooring Bamboo Price - Flooring Bamboo Design
Bambu Flooring -....

Bamboo Floorings types

bamboo floor coverings have high sustainability and environmentally sound origins, which has enabled it to become the ideal choice for the discerning....

Konstruksi Rumah Bambu
Konstruksi Rumah....

We provide bamboo house construction.
Both in the provision of bamboo materials, construction design, and the construction of bamboo houses.

Gazebo Bambu
Gazebo Bambu

We provide the materials bamboo gazebo.
willing to work together to manufacture bamboo gazebo in accordance with your request.

Rumah Bambu
Rumah Bambu

We sell materials for home bamboo,
we are ready to cooperate in making a bamboo house in accordance with your desian.

Sekolahan Bambu
Sekolahan Bambu

We sell bamboo materials for the manufacture of bamboo school.
serve the whole of Indonesia.
Construction in the use of bamboo is very suitable for schools in post-earthquake....

Jual Bambu - Bambu Bahan Konstruksi
Jual Bambu - Bambu....

Price: Rp. 24.000 - 120.000

We sell raw materials for the construction of bamboo.

Bamboo Apus
Bamboo Wulung
Bamboo Petung

as a material for construction:


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